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Type: Sensor Board

The DS1000 is an attachable sensor board that is compatible with all the CMXX00 series of WSN Motes that have the Hirose® 51-pin connector. The DS1000 is able to measure CO, CO2 and ambient temperature. The sensor board has the following general characteristics:

  • Low Power consumption
  • Broad measuring range
  • Low response time

This product's main field of application is environment monitoring, as it can give real time information on the, CO & & CO2 concentration levels, as well as the air temperature conditions. The DS1000 can therefore be useful in environment monitoring applications, where the air quality has to be analyzed.


Item Specification Description
CO NIDS Co® GS-02A Resistive-based technology
CO2 SOHA TECH® SH-300-DC Voltage output based
Temperature Samkyung Ceramics® NTC-103F397F NTC Thermistor Technology
Connectors & Jumpers
51-pin connector Hirose® DF9B-51S-1V Attachable with CMXX00 series of motes

Expansion Connector

The DS1000 includes a 51-pin connector, that allows it to be attached to the CMXX00 series of motes.