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Type: USB Interface

The USB1000 is an attachable interface board compatible with all the CMXX00 series of WSN Motes that include the terminal block connector, such as the CM3000, CM3300 and CM4000. It provides connectivity to a PC or laptop through the USB connector. The main roles of this interface board are:

  • Mote power (through powered USB connector)
  • Mote gateway connectivity (USB2UART Rx/Tx)
  • Mote reprogramming (acts as a programming downloader)

By means of this interface we can communicate with a connected mote through a PC.

Warning: To avoid damage to the connected mote, make sure to remove batteries before plugging it to the host computer's USB port.


Item Specification Description
PC Interface USB type A USB 1.1 compatible. USB full speed support(12Mbps)
USB2UART Chip FTDI® FT232BM USB2UART converter chip
1kbit EEPROM Microchip® 93C46 Driver ID storage
Quad Buffer Texas Instruments® SN74HC126 USB Rx/Tx Communications buffer
Octal Switch Analog Devices® ADG715 Reset sequence recognition
Mote Interface Terminal Block (ERNI® compatible) Connector to CMXX00 WSN Motes (Vcc, GND, 8 port ADC, 2 port GPIO pins)